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"Cry Of Dawn" featuring Göran Edman is out now!

CRY OF DAWN is Goran Edman’s latest child: a straight ahead AOR / Melodic Rock album which highlights his amazing abilities on some superb songs written for him by Michael Palace, Steve Newman, Alessandro Del Vecchio Sören Kronkvist, Daniel Palmqvist and Robert Säll.


Award-winning singer Göran Edman is one of the premier vocal talents coming out of Scandinavia, with a carrier spanning over 30 years. His unique vocal style has been embraced by numerous genres including neoclassic metal, progressive rock and AOR just to name a few. His vocals can be found on records from John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot, Glory among others.

With his clean, powerful and soul-infused voice, he is a highly sought-after studio vocalist who has become well known for his performance skills and adaptability. With over 50 albums, extensive world touring, as well as writing and production credits, Göran Edman has etched his name as one of the music industry's most prolific and successful Scandanavian artists of our time.

CRY OF DAWN is Goran Edman’s latest child: a straight ahead AOR / Melodic Rock album which highlights his amazing abilities on some superb songs written for him by Michael Palace, Steve Newman, Alessandro Del Vecchio Sören Kronkvist, Daniel Palmqvist and Robert Säll.
The result is a true feast for all lovers of this music with hints to the sounds of giants like Night Ranger, Journey, Bad English and Starship!





Göran Edman

(born April 28, 1956) is one of Sweden's most famous singers in the melodic rock and heavy metal genre. Starting his professional career in 1984 with the band Madison, he has recorded over 40 albums as lead singer including several guest apperances and unpublished demos. His most famous works are the albums with John Norum (Europe) and Yngwie Malmsteen, who brought him to international fame in the early 90's. Since then he has worked primarily as a session singer for several studio projects covering a wide array of music genres and styles, from Westcoast to Neoclassical metal. Worth mentioning are Glory, Brazen Abbot, Xsavior, Kharma, Street Talk, Vindictiv and ultimately Karmakanic, with whom he also toured Europe and USA twice. His clean and high-pitched vocal style have inspired countless singers around the world helping to create a "trademark style" along with Joey Tempest, and a few others, for the Swedish hard rock movement. Nowadays he is still very high in demand, for his unquestionable high quality vocal performances, professionalism and talent as a truly gifted composer.


Madison (band) Diamond Mistress (1984) Best in Show (1986) John Norum Total Control (1987) Live in Stockholm (1990) Yngwie Malmsteen Eclipse (1990) Fire and Ice (1992) Glory Positive Buoyant (1993) Crisis vs. Crisis (1994) Wintergreen (1998) Brazen Abbot Live and Learn (1995) Eye of the Storm (1996) Bad Religion (1997) Guilty as Sin (2003) My Resurrection (2005) Street Talk Collaboration (1997) Transition (2000) Restoration (2002) Destination (2004) V (2006) Snake Charmer Backyard Boogaloo (1998/2003) Johansson The Last Viking (1999) Reingold Universe (1999) Kharma Wonderland (2000) Nikolo Kotzev Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus (2001) Benny Jansson Save the World (2002) Karmakanic Entering the Spectra (2002) Wheel of Life (2004) Who's The Boss in the Factory? (2008) The Power Of Two - Karmakanic & Agents Of Mercy Live USA (2010) In a Perfect World (2011) Live in the US (2014) Crossfade (EU) White on Blue (2004) Secret Love (2011) XsavioR Caleidoscope (2005) Richard Andersson Ultimate Andersson Collection (2005) Time Requiem Optical Illusion (2006) Corin & Edman Roc De Light (2006) Jayce Landberg Lost Without You (Demo EP) (2007) Break the Spell (2008) Good Sleepless Night (2010) Promise of Asgaard (EP) (2013) The Thorns (Single) (2014) The Forbidden World (Expected in 2015) Vindictiv Vindictiv (2008) Ground Zero (2009) Signum Regis Signum Regis (2008) The Eyes Of Power (2010) Exodus (2013) The Reckoning chap 4 (2015) Shadrane Temporal (2008) GEFF Land Of The Free (2009) Stratosphere Fire Flight (2010) Docker's Guild The Mystic Technocracy – Season 1: The Age of Ignorance (2012) Mårran Mårran (2012) Vid liv EP (2012) Mårran 2 (2012) 3/4 (2013) Covered Call Impact (2013) Headless (band) Growing Apart (2013) Melt The Ice Away (2016) Guest appearances Flintstens Med Stanley – Stenhårda Låtar 1 (1995) Talisman – Best of Talisman|Best of... (1996) Thomas Larsson – Freeride (1996) VV.AA. – Power from the North (2000) AOR – L.A. Reflection (2002) Talisman – Talisman (reissue) (2003) Minstrel Spirit – Enter the Woods (2004) Swedish Erotica – Too Daze Gone (2005) Vitalij Kuprij – Revenge (2005) Gutter Sirens – Horror Makers (2006)

United – Where is the Fire

United – Where is the Fire on YouTube (This video was made to raise funds to help the victims of 2004 tsunami disaster; the DVD features an All Star band of Scandinavian musicians, consisting of Edman as one of the main singers, Tommy Denander, Kee Marcello, Mikkey Dee, John Levén, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Nilsson, Jim Jidhed, Geir Rönning, Mattias Eklundh, Thomas Vikstrom, Peter Tätgren, Stefan Andersson, Mats Levén and many others.)


Voices of Rock – MMVII (2007) Crash The System - The Crowning (2009) Arthur Falcone' Stargazer - The Genesis Of The Prophecy (2009) David Mark Pearce - Strange Ang3ls (2011) Iron Mask – Black as Death (2011) Nergard - Memorial for a Wish (2013) The Theander Expression - Strange Nostalgia (2013) AOR – The Secrets Of L.A. (2013) Mägo de Oz - Find your Love (2013) Stamina - Perseverance (2014) Refurbished - Only Want The Best (2014) Paco Ventura Black Moon - Get Over it Forever (2015) CLAIRVOYANT - "The Last Marks of Prophecy" (2016) Background Vocals Swedish Metal AID – Give A Helpin' Hand (1985) Von Rosen – Like a dream (single)(1988) Glory – Danger In This Game (1989) Alien – Shiftin' Gear (1990) Fortune – Calling Spirits (1992) Lion's Share – Entrance (2001) Little Chris – At Last (2002) AOR – Dreaming Of L.A. (2003) Ignition – Ignition (2003) Heed – The Call (2005) The Poodles – Sweet Trade (2007) Silent Call – Creations From A Chosen Path (2008)




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